My Elf drawing! *Updated*

Greetings! It’s Kiki!

If you don’t know I really like the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit movies (Elves are my favorite) and I’m currently reading the books! So, I’ve been working on this drawing of a she-elf (who is supposed to resemble me) for three months and finally finished it a couple days ago! Here it is!

How do ya like it? I personally think it turned out really good! Now, who do you like better: My Jyn Erso or this She-Elf? Tell me in the comments down below! I like this one better!

I bid you Farewell and Thank you for reading,

Ps: I’ll have to name her so I can stop calling her “She-Elf”😄

Pps: Here are some name options:

Ladrengilel=Valley of Stars

Tirnelwen=Star gazer



Which one do you think looks most like her? I have a hard time choosing.<