Hi, I know I haven’t posted in a while, sorry about that. 🙂 I love colors! I’m going to try to find pictures of things with the colors in the color wheel! What’s your favorite color?

Image result for color wheel


Image result for Yellow Warbler
This is my favorite bird, a yellow warbler! It’s my favorite color to.

Yellow Orange

Image result for tiger lily
Tiger lily flower, isn’t it lovely!!



Image result for orange fruit
This is an orange from an orange tree. I love the little flowers that grow with them.

Yellow Green 

Image result for yellow green tree python
This is a green tree python, yikes! This snake does not have venom, but you should get a shot after being bit, to prevent infection.


Image result for green flowers
This is a Dahila flower. Yes, it is actually green! I find that cool!

Blue Green 

Image result for blue green animals
This is a chameleon. It changed to the color blue green.



Related image
This is a Hyacinth Macaw. aka: Blue macaw.


Blue Violet

Related image
Little blue Heron.


Purple ( Violet ) 

Image result for purple animals
purple starfish. ( This is actually a real animal )

Red Violet

Image result for red violet hair
Red violet hair. Pretty, but I would not dye my whole head.


Related image
Red cheerys on a cheery tree.

Hope you enjoyed!


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