Doll Photo Shoot

Hi again! Ok, so I think this is art. Well, it’s a photo shoot so I guess it is! Anyways, I didn’t know what to post, so I decided to take a photo shoot of my dolls. 🙂

This is Willow. She’s sporty, loves tennis, and loves shopping for sports wear. Favorite color is blue. She is an Our Generation doll. ( By the way I made her shirt and headband. )
( I had a little trouble sewing the back of the shirt. ) 


This is April. She’s has a little girly girl, and a little tomboy in her. Her favorite color is red. She is an Our Generation doll.


This is Ruby. She’s a total girly girl. She enjoys hanging out with the girls, and loves to bake. Her favorite color is Pink. ( I accidentally sneezed while taking this picture. )


This is Layla. She loves soccer and gymnastics. Her favorite color is yellow. She is an American girl doll.


This is Coconut! The families friendly Pomeranian. He enjoys eating bones, and playing. 


I hope you enjoyed! Bye!

~ Kayla




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